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  • Thank You Prestwich Pharmacy I wasn't really bothered about my weight at 12st 8lbs which had crept up on me over the year.  However, I had uncontrolled blood pressure, even though I was taking the maximum dose of medication and a poor family history, my Father and Grandmother both died at the age of 54 years with heart disease.  I therefore thought it was high time I took drastic measures.  This is not to say I hadn't been keeping an eye on my weight, I would lose a few pounds before holidays.  Sometimes as much as stone but never did I drop a dress size.

    Calorie counting was my favourite way of dieting.  I didn't think much to total food replacement.  How can I be!  I suppose if we are honest we get complacent and guess weight instead of actually weighing food accurately.  This leads to no weight loss and after a while, whilst we kid ourselves that we are doing it properly we get totally fed with the slow progress and give up.  No, this wasn't for me, this time.  I had to lose weight quickly, not cheat and had to have the means of keeping it off.  But where did I go?  I remembered years ago I attended a symposium on weight loss called Lipotrim.  The nearest I could find to this entailed food replacement drinks and weekly attendance to two hour classes.  I didn't have the time to do this, so I looked on the internet for something a little less time consuming.  I found Lipotrim not only had a website but the diet was available at the local Pharmacy.  You choose the time you want to go, get all the help and encouragement you need and there is always help on the other side of a telephone, if you should need it.  You can't cheat; everything you need is in three replacement food packets a day.  You don't have to think what to make.  You don't have to count Calories.  After a busy day the drink is on hand and easy to make in seconds.  This prevents the rush to the fridge, biscuits or crisps. After returning from holiday, I attended Prestwich Pharmacy.  All the staff are very friendly and offer a lot of encouragement and support.  I was shocked to find that during a two week holiday I had actually gained half a stone.  Yes, 13 stones, not good when your only 5-2.  That was Monday 25th July.  The entry in diary says "I hope I can do this, feeling positive at the moment" Bust 43ins, waist 36ins, hips42ins. I found the drinks palatable.  I had vanilla with a teaspoon of coffee in the morning, a chocolate drink at lunch, chicken soup in the evening and of course 4-5 litres of water per day, and I hated the bars.  I also acquired a taste for green tea.  By Saturday I had lost 7 pounds.  I was overjoyed.  By the 1st August I had lost 6ins on bust, waist and hips.  Within four weeks I had lost over a stone, my blood pressure was down; my medication was reduced, and needed new clothes. This was my routine for three months.  During this time I have hosted four parties, been away for the weekend twice and attended a wedding. Diary entries state "haven't felt hungry, had a lovely time" Made all the better due to being slimmer at every occasion and the compliments came thick and fast. There are other entries in my diary saying "having a struggle today taking a lot of will power not to eat."  This soon passes.  At these times the drastic weight loss and the fall in dress sizes kept me going.  I also keep a pair of trousers so that I can see how well I have done.  I can't say that I have really felt hungry all the time I have been on this diet.  It's amazing!  By week six I had lost 26 pounds and another 5ins. In fifteen weeks I have lost 50 pounds, 28ins and I am size 8-10.  Have no loose flesh (due to the gallons of water).  Feel better than I have done for years.  My blood pressure is remarkable and although I have my pressure taken regularly I no longer take tablets.  The maintenance diet will keep me on the straight and narrow. My daughter and sister have also been successful on this diet with a similar weight loss in the same time. I would like to especially thank the staff at Prestwich Pharmacy for their care, support and encouragement during this time.  If I can do it anyone can. So what are you waiting for, come on you can do it.
    VH Whitefield
  • Go for it - you've nothing to lose but weight! After trying various diets for several years and getting nowhere I heard about Lipotrim and decided to give it a try. The day before I started, I pigged out and ate chocolate, crisps and an Indian takeaway as though it was my 'last supper'!!

    I started the next day and was surprised to find that I wasn't hungry. I had two shakes and decided to have a flapjack for my third meal as I felt that I needed to chew something.Despite being told not to weigh myself, I did the next day and was shocked to find that I had lost 4lb. This gave methe motivation to carry on and I lost weight regularly every week without fail. I would recommend people to weigh themselves during the week as when you see the weight coming off it gives you a boost and the incentive to carry on. At work, colleagues were noticing and making lovely comments which also helped me to keep going. With summer looming I was happy to have to buy new clothes every few weeks (what woman wouldn't relish this!!) The staff at Prestwich Pharmacy are really supportive when I came into the pharmacy to be weighed.I found the shakes quite palatable and used the shaker in work which meant it wasn't even inconvenient. After having my first flapjack on the first day, I didn't have any more because it was like eating an old piece of carpet! Overall, I lost 4 stone in 17 weeks and dropped from a size 18 to a size 6. It's done wonders for my confidence, I feel about 15 years younger and sexy again! I'm also a lot fitter and can run up 2 flights of stairs at work whereas, before,I was out of breath after walking up one flight. I've recommended Lipotrim to many people and they are now losing weight on the programme.
    S. Littler