We have a programme suitable for you...

Weight Maintenance Programme that can also help you lose Moderate weight.

Lose up to 8lbs a month

Replace 2 meals per day, Help with portion control, More confident, More energy, Also available in-store for 1 to 1 support

If you have dieted in the past, but then found it hard to stay down at your new lighter weight,this could be the answer.

Lipotrim Weight Maintenance products are unique formulations of low calorie foods with a special high soluble fibre content that can help you gain control of your weight. They are nutritious and they make you feel satisfied for longer. So you eat lighter meals and are less likely to snack between meals.

How do Lipotrim Weight Maintenance Foods Work?

The Lipotrim Maintenance Foods lower the glycaemic index of the meal and slow the absorption of sugars from the meal. This slower rate of absorption reduces the rise in your body's blood sugar levels which, in turn, needs a lower insulin response. A lower insulin response means that your feeling of hunger, food cravings and your tendency to store fat is reduced. With a reduced desire to eat to excess, you have better control of your eating and, therefore, your weight.

Tasty Range

The range comprises of Orange Crème and Summer Fruits drinks, a Chocolate Whip Dessert prepared with skimmed milk, a Cream of Vegetable Soup and a Caramel Flavoured Bar To Maintain Present Weight: - Take a maintenance product before a low calorie breakfast and lunch. For dinner have a normal low fat meal. To Reduce Present Weight: - As above but add a maintenance product before dinner. This will help restrict the calories needed in your dinner meal. Drinking Water!!! – Don’t Forget - DRINK the WATER - The body needs at least 4 pints of water every day regardless of diet.

Keeping on top of all your hard work

Now you have done all the hard work and have reached your goal. Let us help you maintain it. We can help with portion control, diets and general support and advice. We can provide you with everything you need to become the person you want to be. Just for you we have a dedicated team who are ready to help become the person you want to be!! Why not take this fantastic opportunity to become Happier, Healthier, More confident And take advantage of our 1 to 1 support tailored just for you!!!